An Ebike to tackle everything the British Summer throws at you! 

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Volt Metro and Metro LS with London skyline

Embrace Your Wild Summer Adventures on VOLT’s Folding Electric Bikes

The sun-kissed days of summer beckon and the call of adventure is hard to resist! But what’s wrong with this picture? Where IS the sun?! Are you tired of “doom scrolling” on your friend’s and influencers’ sun-soaked timelines while looking out the window at yet another grey, dank day? Don’t worry, we’ve got you sorted!

Social Media vs Reality. Despite a sunny, warm June and unprecedented heat waves in southern Europe, we appear to be just on the flip side of that rainbow, with a rather disappointing amount of rain and colder weather.  But being British is all about resilience and embracing all the seasons in whatever order they are being thrown at you. Right?!

As we pass the halfway mark of our traditional British Summer holidays, the only certainty is the uncertainty of the weather ahead. Whether you’re planning a road trip in your caravan, a getaway on your campervan, or a serene escapade on a boat, the Metro and Metro LS folding VOLT electric bikes are your numero uno companions to enhance your journey. With an easy folding mechanism, lightweight design at less than 20kg and impressive versatility, these electric bikes are tailor-made for your summer expeditions. Here’s why we think they should be your trusted travel partner this season…

Unveiling the Folding Marvel 

Gone are the days of struggling to find space for your bike. Both Metro and Metro LS models boast an ingeniously designed folding mechanism that turns this sleek two-wheeler into a compact wonder. With just a few effortless steps, you can fold your ebike into a portable size, making it a breeze to store and transport with you on the train/tube. Say goodbye to the hassle of expensive bike racks and bulky storage, these bikes effortlessly fit into your adventure plans.

From paved roads to light off-road trails, these electric bikes are built to conquer diverse terrains. Our customers regularly send us their amazing postcard pictures from near and far lands (either to remind us about their cycling retreats or make us very jealous!!!) 

Whether they’re cruising through a quaint village, parking their campervan amidst nature’s beauty, venturing into serene forests, or exploring sandy beaches, VOLT riders have enjoyed their bikes so much they even created a Facebook Fan Club online featuring the folding Metro as the Welcome photo, they’re an active and welcoming group! VOLT also has its own Facebook private group called e-Bike Revolution which all VOLT owners are all welcome to join! 

Our folding range is perfect for on and light off-roads however we had customers customizing their bikes with small chunky tyres to take them up on the challenging and Welsh Snowdonia mountains! 

Often complimented for their unique style and colours, these ebikes regularly catch the eye and have features in publications such as GQ as one of their best commuter choiceWhich? In best electric folding ebike, on Towpath & Yachting Monthly: Volt Metro Cruises into a “Different League”,’s Green Fit List, in the Spectators the Audi of electric bikes or the trusted Best Electric Bike Reviews.

E-bikes with Style AND practicability! 

VOLT Metro with Tower Bridge

Fashion is one thing but what about making the best of those hills in this rather humid British summer? Well we won’t make a scene if you are not already sold by the Metro (also) ridden by talented and retired Lee Evans, brilliant comedian and actor. Seriously though, have you ever tried the throttle / walk assist on these little beasts? Not only does the powerful electric motor provide an extra boost when you need it but the throttle and a little bit of you spinning those pedals will make uphill climbs and challenging paths feel like a breeze, whatever the weather…

Electric Bikes in the Rain

Most of the calls we receive at the moment are questions like: Can you ride ebikes in the rain? Can electric bikes get wet? So how waterproof are our e-cycles? The answer is a big YES you can cycle VOLT bikes in the rain! Here is what to know for peace of mind…

Maintaining and Riding Your VOLT Electric Bike in Wet Conditions

When buying your VOLT ebike, you are free to explore the open road whenever you want, in ALL conditions. Whether you are an outdoor enthusiast or an urban commuter. However, questions arise about the durability and performance of your electric bike in wet conditions. Just like electric cars, electric bikes are designed for wet environments, but they aren’t fully waterproof. Let’s delve into a comprehensive overview of how to keep your electric bike running smoothly while riding it in the rain.

Maintenance Essentials for Electric Bikes in Wet Conditions

Our bikes are designed to handle wet and muddy conditions, thanks to sealed batteries and motors. However, neglecting proper care can lead to accelerated wear and potential issues. Regular maintenance is crucial to ensure longevity and reliable performance.

Don’t skip these key points:

  • Cleanliness is paramount: Regularly clean your bike to prevent dirt and mud buildup, which can harm components like chains, gears, and brakes.
  • Keep it dry: Although designed for damp conditions, electric bikes aren’t entirely waterproof. Store your bike indoors or under shelter after riding in the rain to prevent damage. Even though designed for rain riding, extended exposure to wet weather can lead to water infiltration over time.
  • Avoid jet washing: High-pressure water can compromise seals and lead to rust and malfunctions. Opt for low-pressure water and manual cleaning methods, we have a whole range of Muc Off care products to clean your VOLT ebike.
  • Caution with water crossings: While splashes are fine, submerging the motor or battery can cause harm. Exercise caution when crossing deep fords or large puddles.

Riding an electric bike in the rain can be exhilarating, but before you start singing “It’s raining Men” by The Weather Girls, have a little read of these essential safety precautions:

  • Keep your fenders 🤘🏻 : all our range is equipped with mudguards apart from the VOLT Alpine e-mountain bike, they protect you and your bike from road debris and water splashes.
  • Wear weatherproof clothing: Stay warm and dry with waterproof clothing and gloves. We wrote about how Merino is a great base to keep you warm and sweat-free, your top layer should be waterproof and breathable, brands like Finisterre, KWay or Goretex have a great range of products to look into! Must have: Loffi do waterproofs and glow-in-the-dark smiling gloves!
  • Weatherproof your gear: Keep electronics dry with sealed and waterproof bags.
  • Use lights: Enhance visibility with headlights and taillights, especially in low visibility conditions.
  • Brake and corner cautiously: Adjust your braking and cornering technique for wet conditions to avoid slips.
  • Be aware of slick spots: Avoid puddles and painted road markings, as they can be extra slippery.
  • Stay visible: Wear reflective clothing and follow traffic rules to enhance visibility, when you buy direct from VOLT, you always get a high-vis reflective jacket with your bike and manual.
  • Plan a safe route: Choose well-maintained roads to minimize risks and protect your bike.
  • Clean your bike afterwards: Wash and dry your electric bike after wet rides to prevent rust and damage.

So let the heavens open and the rain pour down on us fellow rain-riding aficionados! We will rock our fenders, wear our weatherproof armour and let the rain be your muse. The wet British summer might just be the most epic adventure you never knew you needed. Be a happy rain-riding, intrepid VOLT explorer!