From 288 Mile Charity Cycle Ride to E-bike Guru Podcast – Volt News Catchup

BLOG   press   From 288 Mile Charity Cycle Ride to E-bike Guru Podcast – Volt News Catchup

Riding Volt Regent on London street

The wave of Volt electric bike features and reviews continues as we share some highlights from our latest press and media appearances. Enjoy an eclectic mix of Volt Bikes Features…

Pulse LS Electric Bike Review in London World

Journalist and editor Emma Magnus shares an e-bike review of the Pulse LS in the Long Read after putting it to the test for two weeks. The extensive and informative review is also accompanied by a short video. 

Read the full article and watch the brief video here or download ebike article here:

288-mile Memorial Ride Raises over £10,000 for Jo Cox Foundation

It’s been 6 years since the tragic death of MP Jo Cox and every year since has featured a memorial cycle ride named “The Jo Cox Way”.  Londoner Laura Ivill took part and completed the 288-mile journey on a Volt e-bike hired from Juiced Up Cycles.  

The pace was intense but thankfully the e-bike munched up those hills!

E-bike Guru Podcast 

Listen to The Spokesmen Cycling Podcast as they talk all things e-bikes with guru Ed Benjamin. You might recognise the lead header image for the episode, it’s our award-winning Volt London

Listen to the podcast episode here.

BikeBiz Feature New Volt Regent & Connect E-bikes

This year we’ve seen a lot of exciting developments with the Volt brand and our range. And 2023 looks set to be another landmark year not only for us but the industry as a whole. In this BikeBiz, Rebecca Morley introduces two of our latest releases to the market. The Regent and Connect offer a new ergonomic, sleek design while utilising the widely celebrated central crank system. 

Read more on BikeBiz here.

Bike Europe, (Volt) Reshoring Production in the UK

As a leading international trade journal for the bicycle and ebike industry, it was quite an honour for director James Metcalfe to be interviewed for a profile piece exploring Volt’s decision to base productions in Milton Keynes UK. 

Explore the full article on Bike Europe website.

Volt London eBike Review, Pocket Lint

The UK’s largest independent gadget review site has written a detailed and informative review on our latest Urban ebike, the Volt London

Volt’s most elegant ebike is an absolutely cracking ride that does electrification in a smart way

I really thorough, yet easy read that answers all the questions you could ask. 

Read the full London Review on Pocket Lint.

Move Electric Feature Connect and Regent Ebike Launch 

Founded by Haymarket Media Group, in a short space of time Move Electric have established themselves as an authoritative source of information for electric transportation news. In this news item, journalist James Atwood highlights the exciting developments and features these evolved e-bikes adorn. 

Explore further here on Move Electric.

Pocket Lint’s Best Electric Bikes…

Another Volt appearance in Leading UK Tech review site. Here Pocket Lint have listed their top 6 best electric bikes. A short, highly contested list that we were thrilled to see the Volt London feature in! 

Check out Pocket Lint’s Top E-bikes List here

Micromobilitybiz  & Ebike Tips on Volt’s New Generation of Ebikes

The launch of our latest central hub e-bikes (Regent & Connect) has drawn a plethora of media and press attention. While MMB focussed on the industry side of the launch, EbikeTips looked at this latest launch from a consumer’s perspective… 

Read the MMB article here.

Read the Ebike Tips feature here.

More Reviews & News coming soon… 

That’s the latest roundup for now, but as you read this, you can be sure more press features and reviews are coming, so watch this space and visit our Press Section for more.