The London E-bike AKA Car Killer! – Evening Standard Review

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Volt London with skyline

Finally, Evening Standard Journalist Ross Lydall surrenders to trying out an electric bike for himself.

All “in the interests of journalism”, Transport Editor Lydall hit the streets with our acclaimed Urban e-bike the Volt London and put it through its paces on a 26-mile round trip commute.

I learned that e-bikes have the potential to change the way we travel in cities.

The ES isn’t the first to be drawn in by our Reddot Award Winning cycle. With appearances in Forbes, Wallpaper and the Independent (to name just a few!), the London is proving a hit with new customers, journalists and reviewers alike!

In his review, Ross Lydall goes on to say how commuting on the Volt not only turned heads but also led to neighbours and friends trialling e-bikes for themselves! 

But what conclusions did he draw from the experience?

they may just kill the car

A bold but hopeful prediction indeed. He additionally proffered a new slogan, encouraging London Mayor Sadiq Khan to expand his car scrappage scheme with “Ditch your banger for an e-bike”. You can read the full Evening Standard Review here.