The Volt London Electric Bike Making Waves Beyond the Capital

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Volt London in Bishopsgate

The Volt London is a strong contender in the e-bike market. With its stylish design, awarded winner 2022 by the Red Dot Award and is currently exhibited in their Design Museum in Germany.

Equipped with a powerful motor and long battery life, this bike has a lot to offer to urban commuters. If you’re looking for a reliable and efficient e-bike for city riding, the Volt London could be the perfect choice for you. But take our word for it, take a look at what some of the leading cycling and tech publications have to say about the Volt London

Recent Review Highlights of the London E-Bike

Volt London in Canary Wharf

David Williams @ Evening Standard: 

“Its immaculate finish, fine build quality, the calibre of its components and fashionable retro looks see to that.”-“The riding experience is exhilarating. It’s like having bionic legs – or a strong following wind – as, smoothly, the power feeds in almost as soon as you begin to crank the pedals. There’s little appreciable delay and thanks to the torque sensor, the amount of ‘return’ you get from the rear-wheel-mounted hub motor correspondingly increases with effort.”-“On ‘low’, battery assistance is subtle. Select ‘normal’ and the fun begins. Click ‘high’ and the bike feels increasingly lively, the only penalty being a faint whine from the motor. Engage ‘Power’ and you become an Olympian”.-“It seems it certainly does deserve that prestigious Red Dot award, after all.”.

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Ryan Hall @ Men’s Fitness: 5/5

“The Volt London is an award-winning, British-made e-bike that despite its name is proving popular with commuters all over the country.”-“It’s sleek, attractive, almost industrial design garnered praise at the Red Dot Design Awards, where it won Best Bicycle Design in 2022. Its brushed raw aluminium finish belies a ruggedness that will cope with all the city streets can throw at it.”-“The Shimano single-speed drivetrain is simple but effective, needing barely any maintenance. And with the toque assist, you’ll never really feel under-geared either.”.

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Rebecca Bland @ Move Electric & Autocar:

“It’s designed for the urban environment but is such a joy to ride it would make a great leisure bike as well.”-“it rides really nicely and is great for the urban environment at a fantastic price.”-“Speaking of hills, I was surprised that as a single-speed I didn’t really feel like I was missing out by not having any other gears. I really enjoyed the simplicity of this bike, it’s intuitive and easy to ride”-“you get simplicity and a ready-to-ride machine that will get you to your destination with a smile on your face.”

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Jonathan Shannon @ COACH:

4.5/5 “This is a good-value bike which gets the basics right. It handled my London cycle commute with aplomb, and the integrated locks and use of a key fob to unlock the electronics are refreshingly straightforward”-“It got me everywhere I needed to be in London with a minimum of fuss. It’s up there with the best electric bikes I’ve tried.”-“The Volt London compares favourably with the competition on price. “-”eat up potholes and can slam up kerbs.” Read full COACH Review.

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Dan Oliver @ Wallpaper*:

“the Volt London’s power system is incredibly responsive, and as you pedal towards the bike’s top speed of 15.5mph/25kmh (the UK’s legal limit), you never feel as though you’re forcing or waiting for the motor to catch up. Put simply, it’s a wonderful experience.” Read full Wallpaper* Review.

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Richard Peace @ Ebiketips:

“It really does feel like you have bionic legs”-“Most riders would probably choose to tackle moderately hilly country with an electric single speed, rather than anything ultra hilly – though my test ride proved Pennine foothills were no obstacle….”-“I’ve jumped straight into the performance here rather than mull over spec as the riding experience is just so good it’s worth cutting straight to the chase for. ” Read full Ebiketips Review.

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Duncan Bell @ T3:

“I can say with some certainty that this should be one of the most sought-after ebikes in town. It rides very well, has enough power to deal with all the ‘hills’ in London and is beautifully simple, thanks to the absence of any gears. The Volt London is certainly among the top 10% of ebikes I’ve ridden in actual London. It’s easy to love but hard to steal. What more could you want?” Read full T3 Review.

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Eilis @ Electroheadz:

“One of the BEST Commuter E-bikes”-“Overall I really love the look of the bike”-”I love the orange sport of the side of the tyres”-“it really has that natural feels to it”-”8 out of 10 for the hydraulic brakes”-“9 out of 10 for the bell, strong it’s really high pitched – it’s got a beautiful resonance to the ding – sounds quite expensive – quality”-“lovely punchy motor and a durable battery that really does go the distance and is removable”. View full Electroheadz Review.

Max Freeman-Mills @ Pocket-Lint: 4.5/5

“Volt’s most elegant ebike is an absolutely cracking ride that does electrification in a smart way”-”The ride is smooth and comfortable, and comfort features like the handy front rack and a removable battery make it really handy for normal life.”-”We’ve really enjoyed riding the Volt London around, and it ticks the key ebike box of making journeys way, way easier.” Read full Pocket-Lint Review.

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