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The electric bike market is a fast paced industry with advances in technology and design every year. In 2017 we will be continuing to advance our range with new technology, new design and new e-bikes. Here is a little bit of what to expect and look out for next year…

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The Metro LS e-bike featuring the SpinTech motor system


Tech Review site Cult of Mac recently took the Pulse out to put it through its paces. Needless to say, this popular hybrid e-bike proved popular with the reviewer too! Check out what Cult of Mac had to say in this short video review…


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As e-bikes keep progressing as a viable form of urban travel. The quality of bikes available continues to increase. “Cheaper and quieter than a moped, and less effort than a standard bicycle. Bike Soup Magazine sings the praises of the VOLT™  Metro for the folding bikes ability to get commuters and leisure riders around “quickly and cheaply” while not even breaking a sweat! 

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Cycling along the coast at sunset

We love the uniqueness of Porthcawl Bike Hire. A genuine shop with a real passion for what they do, it’s great to have them on board the VOLT dealership.

We first heard from this family run business when they added a couple of our e-trikes (VOLT Explorer) to their rental range. In two weeks time they’ll be receiving a couple of our greatly coveted Bigfoot models, where people can view, test ride and buy this fat tyre e-bike.  With this imminent arrival it seemed like a good time to find out just what makes the guys at Porthcawl Bike Hire tick!

Porthcawl Bike Hire under the Spotlight…

Riding the VOLT Explorer electric trike

What motivated you to open/run a bicycle shop?

Well the story about opening/running a bike shop was not a planned thing or even an idea in the background, it just happened, I met Shayne, Shayne met me, he had dreams, I had ideas, he had ideas, I had dreams and those put together became a bike shop with hire and FAT BIKES.

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Photo Montage of bike shops

As the appeal of electric bikes continues to grow, so too does demand and this Summer we’ve seen record-breaking demand at VOLT!

With more orders than ever over this summer period we’ve continue to expand our production and outlets. We’ve sourced some brilliant new retailers to add to our fantastic existing network of shops and dealers. Continue reading -> “New additions to the VOLT family”

 Bike workshop photo

Come in and discover the inner workings of indie bike shop Buckingham Bikes in our latest Dealer Spotlight edition.

Based in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire and established in 1997 here’s what staff had to say…  Continue reading -> “Passionate, independent bike shop that goes the extra mile…”





 The hybrid Connect is the latest VOLT™ ebike. With a range of 70 miles on one charge and the ability to handle various types of terrain this bike is highly sought after by budding riders.

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