What’s new at Volt? Our 2020 electric bikes range is our best yet

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Volt 2020 ebikes

Ready for the next wave of the e-volution? Get set for 2020 with an exclusive preview of Volt’s new, best-ever electric bikes range.

With technologies, peak awareness and more choice than ever, electric bikes have taken the UK by storm over the past nine months. And we’re not going to lie, it’s been a record-breaking year for us here at Volt bikes. We’ve had recognition from some of the industry’s biggest awards – like T3 and Business Green – and our bikes have been recommended by the great and good of the media world (The Guardian, The Sun, Forbes, BBC World Service and ITV if we’re name dropping 😉). 

But we’ve said it before: we’re not ones to rest on our laurels. As we head towards Volt’s big tenth anniversary celebrations in 2021, we’ve pulled out all the stops to make sure next year’s e-bikes range is our best yet. Here’s a sneak peek at what’s in store for 2020…

The Swift: A classic, reinvented

Fresh from production, newcomer the Swift is modelled on our iconic Kensington step-through e-bike. It’s got the same classic good looks, but with a twist – namely, a brand-new power system. Powered by a highly intelligent Shimano Steps motor, the Swift is even smoother and easier to ride. In fact, we’re so proud of it that we’ve released it early, and the 2020 model is available now.

The Infinity hybrid: Upgraded and unbeatable

A hit with beginners and pros alike since its launch in 2015, our famous Infinity hybrid has had a major upgrade for 2020… Making it the most advanced e-bike on the UK market. But what’s new? A sleek design, the latest Shimano Steps motor and bonus features like the Alfine 8/11 speed and DI-2 electronic gearing. Or in other words, your best ride yet.

The Infinity LS: Low step, high performance

It’s the Infinity, but not as we know it. The 2020 Infinity LS has a smaller and lower-shaped frame, so it’s ideal for anyone who wants a world-class hybrid, but finds the original Infinity a bit big. And it’s still a crank-powered e-bike with Shimano Steps pedal-assist, to power up your ride when you need it. It’s also got intelligent software and a new and improved 8-speed Alfine DI2 gear system – so you can choose between manual or fully automatic gear changes easily.

The Connect: Serious smart tech

The most advanced electric motor on the market? Check. Intuitive and responsive technology to match? Check. The 2020 Connect features a high-tech Shimano Steps drive system that reads and interprets exactly how you’re cycling, and then responds with the right level of power, in real-time. The result is a supercharged ride that feels completely natural.

The Regent: Style + efficiency

Another 2020 addition, the Regent takes the best of our classic Burlington model and cranks it up a gear. Sporting the same elegant features that make the step-through Burlington so popular (adjustable stem, sweeping handlebars, SKS mudguards, pannier rack), the Regent powers up with the brand-new Shimano E6100 Steps drive system and smarter ergonomic controls. Other new features include Bluetooth and wireless capabilities. The motor’s also been updated, with a new size and shape that improves power and efficiency by around 20%.

The Axis: folding convenience, pioneering tech

The new Volt Axis is the first of its kind: a high-spec Shimano Steps 250W motor and Alfine DI2 8-speed gear hub, on a folding electric bike. It makes transporting and storing your cycle as easy as riding it. In fact, it’s amongst the most advanced commuter e-bikes on the market – with one of the smoothest rides to boot.

The Apex: e-mountain biking at its peak

E-mountain biking (E-MTB) is one of electric cycling’s fastest-growing areas. And we’ve developed the Apex to change the game for 2020. It’s a tough hard-tail electric mountain bike with a Shimano E8000 Steps drive system, for an unmatched cycling experience on any terrain. On-road, off-road, track or trail – you choose the effort level, and the Apex will respond. And with a centrally placed motor, you’ll be able to keep your balance no matter how rough the ride.

Getting ahead for 2020

Can’t wait ‘til next year? Our e-bike experts are here to help you choose the right cycle for you, whenever you’re ready. Give us a call on 020 7378 4728, visit our London showroom or find your local stockist.