absolutly London Kensington review

We were thrilled that Absolutely London’s Pendle Harte tried out our Volt Kensington and decided “electric bikes are clearly the future” – and we couldn’t agree more. Commuting by bike in London is getting better all the time, as London invests more and more into its cycling infrastructure. The article highlights that there are “more people on bikes in London than ever in living memory”, and we believe this is a direct result of people wishing to choose a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle with the added convenience of avoiding congestion.  

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ii Shetland Magazine

Whether you’re an intrepid wanderer, lover of the Scottish scenery or a fan of Ann Cleave’s award-winning crime novels, Shetland has some to offer everyone. And now that includes electric bikes! 

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Volt ebike buyer's guide

Want a new electric bike but not sure which one to get? Take the hassle out of e-bike shopping with our guide to pitting one model against another.

It’s the question we’re asked most when customers first come into our showroom: “I know I want an e-bike – but how do I know which one to buy?”. Whether they’re just joining the e-volution – or they’re an existing e-bike fan and it’s time to invest in a new model – it’s rare that people know exactly what they want when they walk through the door.

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Independent's 10 best electric bikes

Like much of the British Press, The Independent has shown a keen interest in Volt over the years and have often shared their love for our ebikes through a number of reviews and articles. This is something we never take for granted, so it’s great to see that even in a burgeoning, and increasingly competitive market, our bikes are not only still holding their own but wowing all those who ride them! 

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Independent Metro Review

The Independent’s Sean O’Grady seems more comfortable around enormous cars, but for a few days he parked his fuel guzzlers and tried out the Volt Metro. Like many, Sean was a little sceptical at first but also like many he ended up having “enormous fun“!

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