Volt logo in front of Autumn trees

As the British weather gets colder and more people are opting to stay indoors. Sometimes it is easy to forget that some of the most awe-inspiring cycling routes are right outside peoples doorstep. Before you lock the door and wait for Spring to come around, these routes will give you a thrill while also letting you appreciating the amazing Autumn colours.

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Kensington in TfL Advert
Kensington in TfL Advert


Blink and you might miss it! We are absolutely thrilled to be featured in the new TFL ‘What Matters’ video.

There was a real buzz here at the Volt HQ when we got the call to feature one of our ebikes in the latest Transport For London video. Although the Kensington is only noticeable for a fraction of a second we’re delighted to have contributed to a video that encourages people to use alternative transport! We’re hoping the extended version comes out soon 🙂

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Riley’s Cycles Shop

Located in the historic and idyllic town of Sherborne, Dorset, Riley’s Cycles is a traditional bike shop that always goes the extra mile! Although being a shop with traditional values they’re not afraid to embrace the new and when it comes to electric bikes the staff here fully on board with “e-Revolution” and on hand to answer any questions the public may have on electric bikes. 

But before that, we thought we’d ask them a few questions of our own for our Dealer Spotlight feature…

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Tech Advisor Connect Review

Tech Advisor has built a solid reputation in providing unbiased and uncompromising tech reviews. With their incredible product knowledge built from years of covering the technology industry, we were thrilled to read this 4.5/5 review on our 2020 Connect e-bike! 

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E&T Magazine Interviews James Metcalfe

The IET (Institution of Engineering & Technology) has a long history and a big reputation. So it was with great interest we read Tim Fryer’s experience with our new 2020 Volt Connect.

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Volt Customer Letter
Scanned copy of the card from Volt customer Howard Cheeseman (transcript below)

When is an e-bike not an e-bike? When it’s in Northern Ireland where they’re “officially” classed at an electric motorbike 😮

Over the Summer we received an informative and entertaining note from one of our customers who wanted to ride his Volt Burlington in Northern Ireland. 

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The Scotsman on the Volt Connect and the state of ebikes in Scotland

Electric Bikes are big in Scotland, so it’s no surprise we get a lot of interest from Scottish customers, businesses and media. Alastair Dalton of The Scotsman is one of the latest journalists to take a Volt bike out for a spin.

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Electric bikes quiz

Are you new to the world of electric bikes or a well-versed expert? Test your knowledge on our little quiz. Like anything that sees a spike in popularity, ebikes have been prone to an array of myths, misinformation and lack of clarity. Our web pixies have prepared a short, fun quiz to test how much you know and help clarify some common myths. Remember, it’s just for fun!

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The Bike Shop Nottingham

The Bike Shop has been serving the communities of Nottingham for the past 20 years.

Offering expert knowledge and practical skills that help a wide customer demographic. Over the years Volt has formed a strong relationship with the staff at The Bike Shop and we’re proud to have them as part of our dealer family.

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