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October 20, 2023

Georgia Yexley’s Epic Adventure on a Folding E-bike

In the spirit of empowering women to embrace cycling, Cyclechic‘s founder, Caz Conneller, and Loud Mobility founder Georgia Yexley have joined forces to launch the She’s Electric campaign featuring amazing Women Role Models who all have one thing in common, you guessed it… Cycling Electric Bikes! A mission to make cycling more accessible, especially for women which has led to exciting developments, including an upcoming expansion of the campaign in 2024. You may recall one of their very first featured women riding her trusty VOLT Puse LS aka The Wobbly Cyclist – Karen Cox who despite various conditions affecting her mobility, autism and ADHD has been keeping us inspired since 2020! Today, as part of this initiative, Georgia takes us on an incredible journey with our smallest folding ebike the Metro LS, putting it through its paces from city streets to the rugged landscapes of Scotland.


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